Steam Locomotive BR 03.10 Paper craft

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To all adult crafts fans here I have something great and awesome looking locomotive train which gives a bit of modern look in the era it lives in : Steam Locomotive BR 03.10.

In the 1930s the Deutsche Reichsbahn experimented heavily with streamlining express locomotives. Streamlining made the locomotives faster and more efficient.

The BR03 express locomotives were fitted with a many variations of streamlining, from fully skirted versions to partial streamlining. The 03.10s were built by Borsig/Berlin-Hennigsdorf factory in 1934. They were equipped with a two-cylinder drive system and a 2’3T32 type tender. The 03.10s were painted in various liveries but the red versions were among the most attractive.

Been a while since I posted any train models, now we’re back! Will be posting more soon.