Batsh the Black Knight Papercraft

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The Five Star Stories : Faibu Suta Monogatari is a manga series created by Mamoru Nagano, building on his work on the anime series Heavy Metal L-Gaim.

The story is staged at an alien cluster of four major planetary systems. The God of Light, Amaterasu, the immortal emperor of the Grees Kingdom on the planet Delta Belune, is destined to rule the whole Joker System. He and Lachesis, his bride and fatima, are the main characters of this epic story.

Batsh the Black Knight is one of the mecha robot suit in this Fove Star Stories’s anime. Due to the big size of Batsh the Black Knight anime papercraft templates, the files were split to four parts. You must download all four parts to extract files.

Batsh the Black Knight anime Papercraft templates comes with 12 pdo instruction for every body parts from head to leg and 4 PDF templates files. Batsh the Black Knight anime papercraft has 944 parts, Height – 52cm, W – 27cm , D – 46cm. Batsh the Black Knight anime papercraft designer is han byeol.

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