V Siren 104 PROMINENCE GK Paper craft

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This is a paper craft version of V Siren 104 PROMINENCE GK from the FSS FIVE STAR STORIES’s anime.

V Siren 104 Prominence is one of the Mortar Headds mecha that is shown in the anime.

The Prominence is the second of the Fillmore Empire’s flag mortar headds. Where the Neptune belongs to the Lader branch of the Imperial family, the Prominence belongs to the Fillmore line. It was originally piloted by former Kensai Ena Dai Gu Fillmore, but has since passed to her grandson and current Emperor of Fillmore, Erniuth Dai Gu Fillmore V.

Like the Neptune, the Prominence is one of the most powerful mortar headds of the Siren fleet. During the Majestic Stand conflict, it is seen destroying an Ashura Temple with one mighty swing of its large Speid. Where the symbol of the Neptune is water, the symbol of the Prominence is fire, emphasized by its flame-orange coloring.

Other than the quote above, not much can be tell about Prominence. One thing I do know is that the 1/100 scale Plastic Model of V Siren 104 Prominence is widely sold.

Another great thing about this paper craft model is that it’s not unfolded and lock. Which means you guys can resize it into a wearable size or make it as big as you want. And thus the reason why this model is listed in Cosplay category.

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