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What glue is best for paper craft ? This may sound like a silly question to some but it’s actually a common question asks by many paper crafters.

How to choose the right glue

The best kind of glue for papercraft are the normal clear transparent ones. Transparent clear glue does not leave any color residue to your paper which will not smudge printing colors on your papercrafts.

I once used a white color glue and when I paste too much it leaves white residue around the edge of my paper. Not being racist or anything but avoid colored glue.

Does it need to be a super strong glue ? No it’s not. The main point is just to stick the paper together. It doesn’t have to be super strong or extra strong.

Instead , being super extra strong might give an opposite reaction if you made a mistake in assembling your papercraft and need re-assembling. Normal glue might still be able to detach but super strong might tear your paper.

What about cardstock paper?

Now the above is valid if you’re using normal paper below 200 gsm. But if you’re using a cardstock, which is above 200 gsm, then the best glue for a cardstock paper is an extra strong glue.

For example, making an anime paper craft usually requires paper around 180- 200 gsm paper and you’d be okay with basic glue stick. But if you’re building a diorama or a building paper craft such as Howl Moving Castle Papercraft then you might want to use a harder cardstock and requires stronger glue.

Best way to glue paper to paper

Since we’re making paper models, we need to know the right way to apply glue on our model or it might runs the ink on our paper craft or too much glue might make it wrinkled , gooey and squishy.

So the best practice on gluing paper to paper is to apply just a thin coat of glue along the seam parts of papercraft.

This is most important when you use thin paper as it goes squishy really quick if you apply too much glue.

I’m using a thin paper, what is the best glue for it?

Thin paper is the easiest when it comes to glue as you don’t need an expensive glue. Any cheap glue you find below a $1 can glue these type of paper real quick. You know you can find this kind of glue used in kindergarten or elementary school and they would work well!

What kind of glue to use on Glossy paper

Glossy paper can’t use your normal average stick glue because it won’t stick due to the surface slipperiness. So you need an extra strong glue for it.

For an example Gorilla Super Glue that can be bought from Amazon.

Can you use Super Glue on paper?

According to Gorilla Super Glue listing on Amazon, it says it can be used on paper in fact I use Super Glue on my paper model all the time . They’re transparent, they super strong and they do the deeds. I am more than happy to use super glue on my paper craft.

Is it okay to use a cellotape on my paper crafts?

They are people that uses cellotape to stick their paper crafts but I make it a habit of mine not to use cellotape. At least not on the outer side of my crafts but on the inside where people can’t see.

Now the above link is the kind of glue that I use for my normal paper crafts project. They’re cheap and does the job fine.

I hope this article answers your questions.