Chibi Kirito by Nats Caguia

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Difficulty :

I received another finished model by Nats Caguia and this time it’s Chibi Kirito.

Here’s what he say on making Kirito :

I use 120 gsm of paper, there are some pages in the template that is not necessary. Building it was easy, the head part is big and its hollow so it tends to have elongated face.

What i did is i make a improvised support for the face and I glue it horizontally on the inside before I glued the hair parts. I love how the designer make the sword detachable and can be pose Kirito holding his two swords.

Thank you for sharing the template!

Your welcome Nats Caguia and do send us more of your finished model! Anyone would like to do so can contact me via our FB page or by e-mail at admin [a] mypapercraft . net .

Download Chibi Kirito templates here

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