Black Rock Shooter Chibi by Radite Octavanka

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Radite Octavanka shared with us his finish version of Chibi Black Rock Shooter which is very well done by him.

But I was wondering why did you take this picture behind your house..? What a secluded place to take a sexy figure with you. I hope you didn’t do anything indecent with her.

You guys can check out more of Radite’s model here and the chibi model of Black Rock Shooter is here. The model were originally made by Seisakudiary, a professional Japanese paper craft designer which makes a lot of ecchi model. Oh wait.. wrong description, that was Cafetera not Seisaku.

Seisakudiary usually makes model of anime and gaming characters with decent morale. One of my favorite Seisaku’s model were Shizue from Animal Crossing. Nope.. That was cafetera. Seisaku made this model here Kazumi puella magica papercraft.

Sorry guys I don’t know what is wrong with me. I can’t differentiate between these two modelers 🙁