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Little Doll Princess is a video game for Nintendo 3DS new Cooking Mama style of game.

It is made for release in Japan, consist of a princess like character who cooks and you would be helping her in doing those chores, just like cooking mama.

The game-play involves in cooking stuff like pancakes and cookies, just like what princess would do.. Right. Princess in manga does this type of cooking, princesses in real life that I know off would be shopping and traveling having fun all over the world.

I’m pretty sure that they don’t care about cooking but let’s not let the kids down and let them indulge in this princess cooking career thing longer before they were slammed with real life difficulty.

Wow, why so serious dude?
Nothing man.. I got slapped by some IRL stuff yesterday. It hurts..

Little Doll princess paper craft model is almost as big as a box of pocky. Difficulty is medium and requires 3 sheets of paper.

This model is made by cafetera

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