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Black Shark Submarine is from the movie Latitude Zero 1969 tokusatsu film directed by Ishiro Honda with special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya and writed by Ted Sherdeman. Ishiro Honda is the same director which direct Godzilla (1954)


“Latitude Zero” from 1969 takes us on a wild underwater adventure, featuring the amazing “Black Shark” submarine! This sleek and mysterious vessel is like James Bond’s car, but for the deep blue sea. Picture it: a jet-black, high-tech sub that can dive into the ocean’s deepest secrets.

The Black Shark isn’t your typical sub – it’s got all the gadgets and gizmos you’d expect in a ’60s sci-fi flick. Think laser guns, a cool bubble-shaped cockpit, and the ability to zip around the ocean with the speed of a torpedo.

But here’s the best part: the Black Shark is the ride of choice for the heroes in “Latitude Zero” as they battle against evil scientists and bizarre sea creatures in an underwater world. It’s not just a submarine; it’s their secret weapon, making for a thrilling and unforgettable part of this retro sci-fi movie.

The movie was shot in English with most of the cast is Japanese and the actors were saying their lines phonetically. Black Shark’s captain is a guy named Kuroi and they are the villain in this movie.

As you can see the name Black Shark refers to how it looks like a shark and to note this submarine does look extremely cool and evil.

The paper craft model requires 3 sheets of paper, with picture instruction guide. Most of the parts are easy to assemble. Model is made by kurosame

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