Greatsword+shield of Artorias Cosplay paper craft

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Okay this is Greatsword and shield of Artorias from the game Dark Souls (PC,PS3,PS4) and it’s cosplay size which means you can wear it for cosplay or Halloween.

Let see from the picture the length of sword’s blade along took 5 sheets of paper and that does not include its hilt.

If my calculation is correct, the whole sword should be around 6 sheets of paper and that would sum it up around 190cm / 1.9m long.

Hmm okay this got me confused. I thought greatsword is a two handed sword which is why they are usually longer than normal sword but this one comes with shield. The person who yield it must be taller than 2m tall then?

Ah could Artorias be a final boss event ? Then that would make sense. Since I haven’t play Dark Souls yet, I have no idea. Do plan to buy Dark Souls 3 in the future though, on sales.

Download Greatsword and Shield