Canon EOS 5D Mk II Papercraft

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Difficulty :

This is a limited edition Canon EOS 5D Mk II paper craft given by Canon Europe in the events of their 50th anniversary back in 2008.

This model is practically no longer available for download on Canon’s website and some who has the model even selling this model on E-Bay. It’s practically a rare model, with Google not giving us the correct results of our search, given most users ended up on website that only offers the assembling guide of Canon EOS 5D Mk II.

Yes I was one of the person tricked into downloading the assembling guide. To that website owner, screw you. What a cheap way to get traffic.

Anyway here it is guys, hope you like it. It’s a pretty complex model to built definitely not for beginner. 13 papers are required to print and the model templates comes in PDF which require adobe reader/viewer. Of course you’ll need to extract it first using Winrar.

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Papercraft Templates

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