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Hey guys.. A lot of things happened for the past few weeks and I finally decided to released the second parts of Chibi Eren Yeager face plate module.

If you actually read some of MYP blog post, this module was supposed to only be released once we had 30 submission of Shingeki No Kyojin Eren Yeager, which we did not achieve it because lack of response from downloaders . At the time I’m writing this there were about 459 known downloads for Eren’s template which only 3 people submitted their finish model.

When I said “known” , I meant those that clicks Tweeter,FB and Google + like button to unlock the files.

However aside from Eren, MYP did received a lot more models pictures that users willing to share, which is a good thing. Below is the overall submission MYP received in the duration.

MYP received about 19 submission during this time *some are from the same person again and again and we would like to thank everyone that shared and participated 😀

People keep asking me for Kirito’s model but they can’t even give me 30 finished Eren picture..

The second reason to why I’m releasing this model is due to the lots of downtime MYP went through for the past 1 month. The server that MYP are hosted in was an utter crap, it was a Thailand hosting company and I made numerous complaints to them but they just insist “our server is running like a charm” despite being down every 2 minutes. After hearing the same reply for 2 times I decided to moved the site to a stable cloud hosting which we are on right now.

It’s much more faster now right? Do tell me if you feel any sluggish , slow or any error in browsing MYP.

Now as for these face plate, same rules as before please do not upload them elsewhere. The files are in JPG and it requires 2 sheets of paper to build. You need the base file in order to use these face plates so if you haven’t downloaded the original Eren templates, you need them now.

Base File [Required] does not include faceplate

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