Chibi Hatsune Miku by John Mark Reyes

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John sent me his finish picture of Chibi Miku and said that he’d soon take the challenge of building Adult Miku!

Here’s a note from John himself ;

So hi! 😀 I’m John Mark , and now I loved papercrafting haha .

So this is my third time to build a papercraft . So this is Hatsune Miku! Form Vocaloid and I just do it in my own way 😛 Haha .Cut and Glue and let it dry for a few seconds ,

and I was able to finish this little cute model for about 10 hours , Because it dont have that many parts, It’s just three pages unlike the papercrafts of kirito and eren , It took me a whole day before i finished each model . Haha .

And the most hardest part in building miku hatsune was I think her headphones 😛

Cause it took me an hour before i finished both of the headphones 😛 Also i think it’s hard to build that liitle cute feet . That’s All haha.

I’m also crafting Mikasa and Levi from AoT and Asuna and Yui to complete SAO Family haha . I think i can finish it this month if I’m not that busy in my studies haha

Thanks John for sharing with us!