Chibi Kitsune Musume Papercraft

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A chibi model of a kitsune Musume or in english would be fox girl by cafetera .

To be honest I’m not sure from what anime, game or product is Kitsune Musume from however from the post of cafetera, I read she wrote something about fox udon and Takemoto Izumi.

I deduce that Kitsune Musume is not one of Takemoto’s character since his manga are all Sailormoon type. I’m probably bias about this though

As for Fox Udon (Kitsune is Fox in english) , the Japanese people believe that Kitsune loves deep fried toofu which is often added in Udon, and that is where Kitsune Udon name came from. Kitsune Udon is one of the most famous and delicious food that you should try when you’re in Japan or any Japanese restaurant nearby.

Model requires only 2 sheets of paper , come with a stand base.

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