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PLAGUE DOCTOR mask template

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I received a lot of requests for Plague Doctor mask papercraft, so here it is.


The Plague Doctor, a haunting figure from history, donned a bird-like mask and dark robes to confront the Black Death. A symbol of both healing and dread, they roamed pandemic-stricken streets, offering hope and mystery, embodying the eerie blend of science and superstition in medieval times.

Plague Doctor is doctors who treated people who has been inflicted by epidemic or plague. They were specifically hired by towns that had many plague victims.

This mask is not the same mask as in Assassin’s Creed video game series , but similar. There’s only a little different in curves and what not in the design.

Plague Doctor’s model only required 2 sheets of paper so it’s quite a simple papercraft to make.

If you intend to make this mask, you’ll want to ensure the paper is sturdy enough for wearing. You can achieve this by using thicker paper or by following our guide on how to reinforce the masks.

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