Chibi Nerd Nagato Yuki Papercraft

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This is a chibi Nagato Yuki anime papercraft wearing school uniform and playing eroge on her Mac laptop.

This was shown on Suzumiya Haruhi’s Spin Off episode 2 where Kyon found Nagato Yuki playing eroge in the clubroom and made her wore headphone so that she wouldn’t bother people around her while playing such sensational games.

Nagato Yuki responded to Kyon gesture by asking if he wanted to play eroge together.

Nagato is an Alien that was stationed to supervise Suzumiya Haruhi.

She happened to be inside Literature clubroom when Haruhi decided to take over the club for her SOS Brigade. Nagato has problems with expressing her feelings unlike her colleague Asakura Ryoko.

Nagato Yuki Anime Papercraft requires 7 sheets of paper and doesn’t come with any instruction.

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