Maid Asahina Mikuru Papercraft

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This is Asahina Mikuru in Maid uniform from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi’s anime. While wearing this maid uniform, Asahina Mikuru almost killed Kyon with her “Mikuru Beam”.

Kyon was lucky that Nagato Yuki was there to deflect her beam.

Asahina Mikuru was forced to wore maid uniform when Suzumiya Haruhi decided to make a movie for the cultural festival.

The plot of the movie was that Asahina Mikuru is a time traveler that came to this period to save Itsuki from Nagato Yuki the Alien Wizard. It was also for this movie that Asahina Mikuru were forced to wear sexy bunny suit.

It is said that the movie has made Asahina Mikuru popularity with the school boys skyrocketed. Asahina Mikuru maid anime papercraft requires 6 sheets of paper and designed by

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