Chibi Sakura Miku Paper craft

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This is a paper craft version of chibi Sakura Miku which is based on GoodSmile company Nendoroid Sakura Miku version.

Miku is bringing Spring with her, surrounded by cherry blossoms!

Nendoroid Miku is back again as ‘Sakura Miku’ , wearing an adorable pink outfit created with the image of cherry blossoms.

The design is based on an illustration by Putidevil, which has been converted into Nendoroid form with careful attention to the meticulous use of color in the illustration!

This paper craft is designed by famous pepakura designer SSN.

While I’m not sure this Sakura Miku appear in what game or songs, the Nenderoid version of Sakura Miku was released back in 2013/2014 at the price of ?3,714 (Before Tax).

Paper craft assembling requires 3 sheets of paper.

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