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Hey guys this is L from Death Note anime/manga character and what we have here is a chibi paper craft of L himself.

Death Note is a completed manga/anime that was shown back in 2007. If I recall correctly there’s also a live action movie of Death Note releases soon after the anime which has a different ending than the manga/anime.

L is the nemesis character of Kira in Death Note. He’s an intelligent detective investigator that can always keeps up with Kira mischief.

death note kira game - Chibi L Death Note Paper craft

Did you know that there is a NDS game of Death Note? It’s called Death Note: Kira’s Game developed by Konami. Now go and find NDS Emulator on your phone and play this game!

As for Chibi L paper craft it requires 3 sheets of paper and did not come with any instruction guide so you have to use your imagination and common sense in assembling this.

Should be easy if you have assembled any chibi model before.

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