Chibi Senjougahara Hitagi Paper craft

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Today we have chibi Senjougahara Hitagi, Araragi’s girlfriend from Bakemonogatari anime series.

Senjougahara is a girl with no weight. She weight as thin as a paper and she has lots of sharp stuff inside her pocket.

At first she is wary of Araragi but once Araragi helped her with her illness, she opens up to him and makes him her boyfriend.

At least that’s how I remember the first season of Bakemonogatari story.

I think this anime paper craft is made by SSN. I said that because I’m not sure who made it because I found it at other place but this type of model is usually SSN.

If you would like to make a normal size figure version of Senjougahara Hitagi, you may download it here : Senjougahara Hitagi Papercraft

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