Natsume Kako Paper craft

Natsume Kako is one of the original character from the mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. This is her papercraft


Natsume is a kind hearted girl who loves book and lives just to read book and she’s the only daughter of a book store at Kamihama City called “Natsume Library” .

She is a magical girl known for her soft-spoken and gentle nature. Natsume possesses a deep sense of empathy and is always willing to help those in need. Despite her kindness, she faces the challenges and emotional turmoil that come with being a magical girl in a world filled with witches and dark secrets.

Natsume Kako’s character adds a layer of complexity to the series as she grapples with her own personal struggles while striving to protect others.

In the game Natsume introduces herself as a 13 year old girl.

Now as for the paper craft it is made by non other than the talented kujira’s craft. This paper craft model is at 16 cm tall in height. It requires around 8 sheets of A4 paper to build.

Download Natsume Kako