Chibi Taihou Kancolle Papercraft

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This model is a chibi version of Taihou from Kantai Collection browser game / Kancolle that is currently the most popular browser game in Japan.

Taihou is a Class Armored Carrier and there is another henshin version of Taihou which is a Class Armored Aircraft Carrier.

Her name “Taihou” mean “Great Pheonix” in Japanese. In the real battler of ww2, Taihou is sunk by USS Albacore during Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 19, 1944. Wow.. a lot of impressive things happened in June aren’t they?

Like my birthday is coming up in a few days too 😛

According to the Japanese military people, Taihou shouldn’t sunk. She sunk due to poor damage control by inexperienced crew, and serious design flaw of the ship. Well that last part kind of said the ship itself is the problem?

Such a contradicting information there.. anyway Taihou chibi paper craft is made by sumatorausagi, a Japanese paper craft designer. You can head there and download it by the link below .

Taihou Chibi Paper Craft