Kancolle Twin Turret by Putri

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Ashifa Kurnia Putri comes again with her paper model and this time it’s a side character from the Kancolle series, the twin cannon that accompanied Shimakaze.

The twin cannon or turret always hangs around Shimakaze in-game as her accessories, my guess is that the cannon/turret is the biggest advantage to the ship?

Anyway I gave Putri a homework which is try to build a paper craft with no sellotapes involved. Sadly I still see she sellotape the turret’s head.

Our promises was to not use sellotape but you still do. I feel disappointed.

Of course there is no rule to not use sellotape but it’s like a universal understanding for paper models to not use them or use them but only for the insides where people couldn’t see. Using sellotape is like choosing the easiest way out of problems.

Kancolle Shimakaze Twin Cannon Download