IJN FUSO Battleship Paper craft

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Another Japanese battleship paper craft for share and it’s called IJN FUSO.

Fusō was the lead ship of the two Fusō-class dreadnought battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy. Launched in 1914 and commissioned in 1915, she initially patrolled off the coast of China, playing no part in World War I. In 1923, she assisted survivors of the Great Kantō earthquake.

Okay this is another model sent to me by Obed.. Thanks Obed and I’ll be honest, I don’t have the energy to build such grand paper craft as this so to those that actually managed to build one, I salute you.

As usual these battleship papercraft is scaled at 1:200 and does come with instruction however it’s in Czech.

The scans is from Halinski military magazine. Hope you enjoy it!