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Continuing the quest for adorable and simple papercraft, I stumbled upon another delightful model: Chiikawa papercraft , a beloved character from San-X. While I haven’t delved into the world of San-X personally, I’ve encountered these charming Chiikawa icons used on instant messaging before.

Chiikawa, a beloved character from San-X, captures the hearts of many with its endearing charm. Known for its fluffy body and expressive eyes, Chiikawa embodies the essence of kawaii culture.

Its name, derived from “chii” for small and “kawa” for river, reflects its petite yet charming presence.

Whether depicted sleeping, eating, or playing, Chiikawa’s innocence shines through, captivating fans worldwide.

From plush toys to stationery and accessories, Chiikawa merchandise is a delightful addition to any collection, adored by enthusiasts of cute characters everywhere.

Chiikawa is designed to be assembled with just one sheet of paper. Any 180 gsm paper will suffice, and once completed, it adds a touch of cuteness to any desktop or table.

Made by paperman returs, below is the link to chiikawa templates ;