Diorama Refrigerator paper craft

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A diorama scale of 1/10 refrigerator by Panasonic as craft for kids. Perfectly suited for 1/12 figurine / figma . Okay maybe it’s a bit bigger ..

Is this paper craft suitable for kids? Absolutely! It’s designed to be simple enough for younger enthusiasts. The templates consist of just three sheets with a total of 19 parts to assemble.

Interestingly, this model was once elusive on the internet. The entire Panasonic pepakura page that hosted it had gone missing, causing difficulties for those attempting to construct it. However, I’ve recently managed to locate the missing page, ensuring that the templates are now available again.

Three years ago, I had printed out these templates with the intention of assembling the model myself. Unfortunately, due to the missing page, I was unable to find the necessary instructions to complete it successfully.

My current plan involves building this model so that I can pair it with Shibuya Rei accessories, creating an exciting combination.

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