Elephant Head Paper craft

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I think Carter Pewterschmidt from Family Guy has an Elephant head hanging in his study room or somewhere in the house.

It’s illegal to hunt Elephant for its head but it’s not illegal to build from paper and hang it in your bedroom.

If you want a full size elephan paper craft instead we have it here : Elephant Papercraft

The scale of this peculiar wall hanger paper craft is 1 meter big and you might be able to resize it as it came with .PDO viewer.

Here’s a note from the creator dhal021

Open with the latest version of pepakura viewer ( or designer )
16 november 2016

Building tips: It is recommended to use a rigid paper
1/ Start at the bottom of the trunk ( pages 1 to 10 )

2/ Build the two tusks and connect them to the trunk ( pages 11 to 16 )

3/ Build the face 17 to 27 but not the ears …

Once the face is built it must remain holes to place the ears ( look at picture named Face)
To build ears I suggest starting with the ends

Good luck and enjoy

Best regards : Dhal021

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