SD Alt Eisen Super Robot Wars Paper craft

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Today we have Alt Eisen mecha from Super Robot Wars paper craft.

The Alt Eisen (??????? Arutoaizen?) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. Its upgrade is known as the Alt Eisen Riese (??????????? Arutoaizen R?ze?).

Super Robot Wars (S?p? Robotto Taisen) is a series of tactical role-playing video games produced by Banpresto, which is now a Japanese division of Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Actually I was looking for a gundam paper craft but this one looks stunning too so I decided to post it.

I haven’t been updating lately due to my mum is currently ill. I have to take care of her and my mind ain’t exactly focus on updating sites when she’s like this.

So update might be slow from now on.

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