HMS Glowworm Destroyer Ship Paper Model

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HMS Glowworm Ship is British G Class Destroyer existed during 1935 as one of the nine members of the Greyhound or G Class Destroyers of the 1933 naval program.

She was part of the destroyer flotilla of Captain Warburton-Lee, screening for HMS Renown in April 1940. On the night of April 7, 1940 a man had fallen overboard from Glowworm and she turned back for rescue, as the rest of the flotilla raced onward.

Although only expending half an hour in the fruitless search, the Glowworm became separated from the rest of the British ships.

On 8 April 1940 Glowworm encountered German destroyers transporting troops to invade Norway in Operation Weser?bung. The destroyers attempted to disengage while calling for help from the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper.

Glowworm was heavily damaged by Admiral Hipper, but still attempted to torpedo the German ship. The two ships collided, which broke the bow off Glowworm, and she sank shortly afterwards.

Model is a crafts for adults which means it’s hard assembling difficulty .

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