Fallout 3 Military Issue Combat Knife Papercraft

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Made by Brokenpapercraft, this Fallout 3 Military Issue Combat Knife Papercraft is a very fast melee weapon, which is only second to Sledgehammer.

This military-issue cutting tool was designed for more than saw-ing rope. The combat knife tears through flesh, too, but it can’t pierce strong armor.

The knife is made similar size to normal knife which is around 400mm long. Looking at the finish model , from the sharp edge and the metal rust it look so real that one could mistake is as real knife. You could bring it to camping or cosplay and people would think they could use it to cut things for real. The feeling of holding this combat knife is unspeakable, nothing beats having a real equipment that originated from a game.

Fallout 3 video game is available for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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