Gate of the Orion Architecture Papercraft

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Known as The Gate to the east and Gate of the Orient this building is situated in Suzhou Jiangsu, China cost $700 million to build.

Gate of The Orion Landmark emphasizes the city’s continuing significance in today’s China. The building is said to be around 300 metres high which is about 980 ft, and located in the heart of Suzhou’s central business district. It will be used mainly for transport and commercial purposes.

Gate of the Orion received a lot of criticism from people around the world , Daily Mail was quoted to ask if the building is “Architectural triumphs or just plain pants?”.

Hmm.. Make sense though. Going around through any gates would requires you your pants on. I remember watching a video of one naked American jumping of gates in Subway chasing and attacking girls, of course he ended up being taken by security.

Gate of the Orion Architecture Papercraft templates requires only 1 sheet of paper as it’s a very simple folding type of papercraft. It is up to you to print it in whatever scale you want.

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