Fallout 4 T-45 Armor Cosplay Paper craft

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This is a full Fallout T-45 Power Armor cosplay paper craft.

To say that I never tried and play Fallout is a lie. I did try playing it for 10 minutes but it just wont stick to me.

I’m more of a guy that plays Metal Gear Solid series and Harvest Moon which I know totally unrelated.

Anyway I had to ask our facebook page from what/where is this armor from and our readers was nice enough to tell me that this armor is T-45 from Fallout 4.

So yeah this game paper craft of T-45 armor is made for cosplay. All the pdo files is resizeable so you could resize it using pepakura designer into your own size.

And then you can harden it like plastic using our guide .

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