Star Wars Imperial Scout Helmet Paper craft

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So you like Star Wars and Cosplay? We have Imperial Scout Trooper Helm paper craft here.

Scout Troopers are used by the?Empire?in places where finesse rather than brute force is called for.

These stormtroopers are found on many?planets?, including?Kashyyyk,?Endor,?Tatooine, and?Naboo, usually in areas too swampy, overgrown, rough, or wild for the regular stormtrooper corps.

The Naboo variant is known as the?Swamp Trooper. The Black variant is known as the?Imperial Storm Commando. The?Imperial Sniper Trooper?is a variant.

Building this requires 13 sheets of paper . The size of the helm can be resize so if you think your head is bigger or smaller than the default size, you can use pepakura designer 4 to resize it.

Helm made by Serge The Old.

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