Garrosh Gorehowl Axe paper craft

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This is a 1:1 scale of Gorehowl belongs to Groom and Garrosh Hellscream. It’s a 1:1 scale means it’s a real life scale paper craft which you can wield as cosplay.

Garrosh is a character from World of Warcraft PC game and he inherited the weapon from his father, chieftain of the Warsong Clan.

The whole axe requires 37 piece of paper with 100cm big , like a real axe.

I’m not quite sure who made this model as the info that shown on my Pepakura Viewer came out as “ֽħbeinan” .

Whatever the word is my PC does not have its correct translation .

If you’re looking for this axe then Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan will drop this as loot if you axe him.

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