Touhou Project Satori Komeiji Papercraft

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Satori Komeiji can read minds and she controlled various youkai and spirits with her mind and heart reading.

If according to wiki pictures Satori Komeji is not as pretty as this papercraft, she seems to be chubbier and shorter. This papercraft version of Satori is 200x prettier than her wiki picture. She also loves animal that is hard to deal with.

She is also Mistress of the Palace of the Earth Spirits after the underground city was separated from Hell. Satori Komeiji papercraft requires 5 sheets of paper, it has a lots of parts with medium hard difficulty to assemble. Templates comes in .PDO only

Satori Komeji is a character from Touhou project pc game series.

There is no designer information from this model , and to view .PDO you would need Pepakura Viewer.

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