Splatoon Agent inkling papercraft

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hey there it’s been a while. I wasn’t able to update the site since my PC broke down. Now that I have a PC, I’m back with Splatoon Agent 3 Inkling papercraft made by Baigaeshi.

Wasn’t a fan of Splatoon and Nintendo so I don’t know much about this character other that it is from Splatoon 3. I could copy paste info from the Splatoon website but then Mr. Google wouldn’t like that.

I haven’t download PDO Viewer so I’m not sure how many papers are needed to build this. Wait, I’m on linux.. can Linux use Pepakura Designer? That’s something that might need some tinkering..

Either way I hope you enjoy building this model as much fun as I had writing this on my new gaming PC (LOL).

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