Genshin Impact Mona v2 Paper Craft

Genshin impact Mona v2 papercraft
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Today, we’re looking at a paper craft model of Mona from Genshin Impact. Despite being one of the earlier characters in the game, Mona still holds her own as a strong water element character. In the game, Mona is known for her hydro-based abilities and her role as an astrologist and fortune-teller.

Mona’s character arc in Genshin Impact is quite intriguing. She hails from Mondstadt but now resides in Liyue Harbor, where she works as an astrologist. Her story unfolds as players uncover her mysterious past and her journey to master her abilities as a hydro user. Despite her aloof and enigmatic demeanor, Mona’s character arc reveals layers of complexity as she navigates her role in the world of Teyvat.

The model we’re featuring is created by Tsuna Paper Craft. Personally, I wasn’t familiar with Tsuna Paper Craft until now, which shows I may have fallen behind in keeping up with the paper craft scene. Juggling real-life responsibilities can make it challenging to stay up to date on hobbies and interests.

Building the Mona paper craft model calls for 8 sheets of paper and is considered to have a medium level of difficulty in assembly.