Goddess Story TCG – Is it Legit? Review

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A Trading Card Game (TCG) or Collectible Card Game features cards with eye-catching and distinctive designs that span various genres like anime, Gundam, sports, idols, games, and more.

These cards typically come with holograms, 3D elements, unique designs, and vibrant colors, making them exclusive and not found elsewhere.

Commonly recognized names in the trading card game industry that people often associate with TCG/CCG include Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Weiss Schwarz, Magic: The Gathering, Bushiroad, Bandai, and Konami.

While there are many more, these are the ones frequently seen being sold everywhere—at least, that’s my opinion, and I didn’t know much about any others until…

Mihoyo has released impressive games like Honkai Impact, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Star Rail. Recently, a wave of collectible cards from China has flooded the market containing characters from popular games above, and this is significant for us.

Why? Because these cards boast stunning designs tailored to the gaming and anime community—exactly the focus of this website, which primarily caters to papercraft based on anime and games.

Chinese Collectible Card Game

Let’s shift our focus to a Chinese collectible card company known for its Goddess Story card series: Little Frog. Unlike many other Chinese collectible cards that often feature explicit and NSFW content, Little Frog : Goddess Story TCG cards maintain a more work-friendly approach.

However, it’s essential not to be misled, as even though they are safe for work, these cards manage to remain alluring and possess an attractive, sexy appeal.

Do note that these type of TCG cards series is known as “Waifu Cards”. That which you may judge from pictures we show here.

If you are interested in the cards, I hope that you use the button below as I will gain a little commission from it and it helps me to keep running this website.

Given that I mentioned a “series,” it implies that numerous cards have already been released and might not be in production anymore . These cards often align with the latest anime and game releases of the current year. As an example, in my quest for Goddess Story TCG, I was specifically searching for Echidna from Re: Zero.

Little Frog’s Goddess Story Series 2M09 featured an Ultra Rare card of her. It’s worth noting that the English versions of these cards may have varying names, and this can sometimes lead to discrepancies in listings on platforms like Amazon or Walmart.

A snapshot of Echidna’s Ultra Rare (UR) card if you happen to acquire it from the box.

On Ebay market, Echidna’s cards are being sold for $20 and even higher.

echidna goddess story tcg

Notice how aesthetically appealing it is? The more rare the card, the more impressive and intricate its designs tend to be. There are plenty more cards from various anime and game series with even more impressive designs.

As mentioned earlier, since it’s an Ultra Rare card, there’s no guarantee you’ll obtain Echidna even if you purchase multiple boxes. The contents of each box are randomized, and you can choose to buy individual packs or the entire box.

In my area, some sellers offer random mixed random old cards by 100 from the Goddess Story TCG Series for approximately $1 each.

Even though these packs are quite affordable, they come with a random assortment, typically containing only Rare and Super Rare cards, with a chance of getting a Super Special Rare. So don’t expect getting a better cards then that.

These cards are dated and may not be the latest releases. Nonetheless, for my purposes, they perfectly meet my needs since I’m specifically looking for cards from older series.

I myself bought two boxes of mixed pack and there are a lot of duplicate cards. Which I do not mind since I will be giving duplicates to my niece.

Other Brand

You might be wondering about other brands to explore. Being relatively new to this hobby myself, I occasionally find it confusing to distinguish between brands originating from Bandai/Kadokawa/Bushiroad and those from Chinese TCG brands. Here are a few that I’ve encountered; please correct me if I’m mistaken, okay?

Brand Name

  • Little Frog
  • Little Dino
  • Aikaho
  • JOKS
  • Project Maiden Wave
  • Victory Card
  • Shengka
  • Little Tadpole
  • Jia Ka Wen Hua
  • DQ Culture
  • Ranka
  • MeiHuo
  • Yika
  • Kayou
  • Fantastic Trip

There are hundreds more brands available on the market, and the ones I’ve mentioned here typically concentrate on popular anime and JRPG titles such as One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Honkai Star Rail, and Genshin Impact, among others.

You may notice that certain brand names differ on retailer websites, likely due to variations in Chinese translations or a preference for region-specific rebranding.


What differences are these Chinese TCG cards compared to the ones made by other known brand?

Let’s starts with the Pros:

  1. To begin with, they are more budget-friendly, and in terms of design quality, they are on par with Bandai and Bushiroad.
  2. Certain brands offer cards of high thickness and, in fact, the majority of them do.
  3. Did I mention affordability? Let me emphasize it again, as their cards can be purchased for as low as $10, whereas Weiss Schwarz or Bandai’s cards can go for $200, and you still get comparable quality.
  4. Unique ranges of arts in designs.
  5. Easily obtainable from the Chinese market, and at times, you can acquire loose packs in bulk, further falling within the more affordable price range.
  6. Caters to a wide range of popular anime and cultural series, including well-known ones like Ultraman, One Piece, Naruto, KPOP idols, footballers, and many more.
  7. Certain boxes offer prizes to be won. You could win an iPad, iPhone, etc including the chance to receive a Premium Rare card. These cards are typically crafted from metal, boast stunning designs, and feature holograms. However we buyers from overseas is less likely able to claim the prizes other than a Premium Rare Card.
  8. For those seeking more explicit designs, there are plenty of uncensored versions available .

The Cons;

  1. Due to translation, the brand name sounds a bit odd in English, although it might be fine in Chinese , and since it’s made for China market, the text are in Chinese or Japanese depending on what character it’s based upon.
  2. The packaging is not as elaborate as Weiss Schwarz or known brand, although personally it doesn’t bother me.
  3. While I’ve only purchased Little Frog cards, I’ve seen unboxing videos of other CCG brands, and some have a back design that appears childish or unattractive compared to the alluring front character designs.

Is it Legit ?

To answer this question, in terms of quality, price and fulfillment. They are legitimate in my view.

While some may label them as bootleg since certain card designs closely mimic established TCG brands, the key question is, if you can get the same quality item for a more affordable price, wouldn’t you opt for it? Ultimately, it boils down to personal preferences.

Now do take note that since it’s a specific collectible cards, aka Waifu cards ; While some may have a tabletop gaming aspect, others aren’t designed for use in battle games like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh. The focus might be more on the aesthetic and collection aspects rather than competitive gameplay.

They serve as items to be kept in an album, stored for safekeeping, then wake up in the middle of the night, look at it and giggles creepily in the basement.

If you are interested in the cards, I hope that you use the link I given as I will gain a little commission from it and it helps me to keep run this website.

I hope my review above helps you in your journey of being dragged into this new hobby of mine and spent all your hard worked money into oblivion Bwahahaha!