Yuuki Asuna : Infinite Moment Paper craft

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Difficulty :

Guys here’s another special release of Yuuki Asuna from SAO aka Sword Art Online for mypapercraft.net 5 years anniversary.

I decided to unfold another model for the occasion and found a model of her in “attack mode” from the PSP game SAO : Infinite Moment.

It’s ripped by maver1k_XVII.

It took me five hour to finish this and I skipped a lot in editing its polygon.. Why? Because I found a neat option in pepakura designer that could reduce fold line entirely .

The most editing done is on Asuna’s face as I cleaned it and make the surface flat. I don’t think we need pointy nose right?

If you make this then please do share your finish model with MYP. Enjoy and keep on supporting us!

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