152mm SpGH DANA mobile weaponary Papercraft

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152mm SpGH DANA is a self-propelled auto-loading gun also known as self-propelled gun howitzer model 77 designed by Kon?trukta Tren??n and built by ZTS Dubnica nad V?hom in the Slovakia.

The DANA was designed in the 1970s by Kon?trukta Tren??n to fill the role of an indirect fire support weapon without buying the Soviet 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled artillery.

in 1981 DANA’s unique feature is that its autoloader is able to load a shell and a cartridge in any elevation of the barrel. This feature is nowadays considered as standard.

152mm SpGH DANA mobile weaponary military Papercraft requires 18 sheets of paper to build, comes with simple instruction and jpg files.

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