GTA-V Cropduster Plane Paper Model

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I’ve been playing back GTA-V the last 2 weeks and in one of the flying mission I had with Trevor, he rode this cropduster plane through-out Shandy Shore.

I wasn’t looking around but anyhow stumbled upon this Zlin Z-37 ?mel?k which is happens to be known as LET Z-37 ?mel?k. It is an agricultural plane and was made in Czechoslovakia to be used mainly as a cropduster.

Most of the cars/plane/bike models in GTA-V is based on real mobile vehicle, and this plane is one of it. I think I might drop off some more of similar in-game models here later. Would you guys like that?

Haha.. I know plane paper craft models are a little specific niche and only has specific group making it. Maybe with the launch of World of Planes people would be more incline in building plane paper models ?

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