Harley Davidson Hummer Bike Paper craft

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Harley Davidson is a brand known worldwide and Hummer is one of its famous bike model. The Hummer were massively produced by Harley Davidson in 1955 to 1959.

The Hummer was added to Harley-Davidson’s model line in 1955. It was a stripped-down basic model using a redesigned “B-model” engine with the old 125 cc capacity. It was named after Dean Hummer, a Harley dealer in Omaha, Nebraska who led national Harley two-stroke sales

Sadly the price for its bike might not be feasible for everyone and that’s why we hobbyist are here.

Let’s build it via paper craft!

Hummer here requires only 3 sheets of paper to print and comes with picture assembling guide. Which makes building this model is much easier.

Download Harley Davidson Hummer from Chima.info

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