Harvest Moon A New Beginning Took My Life Away

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Breaking news: I have gotten myself a 3DS. Nothing in my plan foresee this though, Zero Escape is out of stock in every shop I went to and so does Harvest Moon.. I waited a month, which is this month and still no stock for both games. In the end I?ve gotten myself Harvest Moon A New Beginning from 3DS E-shop by prepaid which cost higher than it should.

And then Harvest Moon has took my life away from me. You could say that all I did for the past few days is virtually farming. I have a bit of complaint of this game that I wish to make sound of.

The Pain

First of all what the hell is wrong with Dunhill the mayor. He ask me to do town renovation , build this build that but he hasn?t given me anything worth to start with. At least give me some material or funds but nooo all he did is ? I want you to do this I want to have this ? . He emphasis on the word ?I WANT?.

I am also responsible to build houses in order to gather more people in the town. I work hard all day, I plant turnips, tomato, radish, I cut trees for lumber , I search the woods for rare plants and materials and my cow provided milk just to build those ungrateful citizen their houses. But hey none of them pay any rent and what?s worse is they were pretty much rude and arrogant snobbish b*stards.

They don?t care that it took more than 30k gold to build their house. I personally hate Allen, doctor Klaus and Neil the animal seller.

If you played HM before than you know that we can date girls and get married in this game. It?s like a mini game for every HM and in ANB we are allowed to pick our gender. All the candidates for girl partner are good looking, particularly looking like a hot selling manga hero. No I kid you not.

The girls available for guys however………. I?m not sure what HM developer were thinking.

My first opinion of Yuri is that she is a guy and he looks like that dude Christian Siriano who won Project Railway. My jaw dropped when I found out that she is a girl. We know that there?s a genre of otaku that likes A cup girl however Yuri has none .

Iroha is another one, she looks like a guy too but her avatar at least half not. Tina is your obvious newspaper club anime character and at the point where I am, Tina is my only best choice.The only girl worth being serious with would be Felicity or the waitress and Witch .

The Play

Gameplay wise they removed a few things and add a few things which I?m not used to yet. In order to access items in your bag, you?ll need to press X button into menu instead of L or R button. I keep on pressing R to open my bag since I?m used to it and it?s quite annoying. Pressing R will open toolbox only.

They also removed heart database. All database regarding what you?ve done , keep , achieved is now keep in a bookshelf inside your house but no data tracking on citizens heart. You can?t tell if someone is liking you or hating you till you chatted with them and a heart is showing.

There are more animals in this game. We can keep pet of our choice which is either cat , dog or horse. As for farm animal they now included yak, llama and alpaca. There are also different breed of cow, sheep and chicken.

We also have 3 additional new buildings in town which is tailor, salon and restaurant. I’m not sure if I’m right but from what I remember in previous HM series restaurant are usually in the same building as Inn.

Lastly, like I mention before we are forced to renovate the town by Dunhill’s demand. I also heard that kids may now grow into teen.

The Tips

  • In order to play this game successfully without going into mental breakdown, one must keep everything they pick in the woods including weed. The only thing you may sell is insects. Hana the grocery seller likes butterfly and Bees can be used for harvesting honey so make sure to keep a few butterflies and a lot of bees.
  • Almost forgot that Toni , Rebecca?s son likes insects too except butterfly.
  • I read in gamefaq that you should not cut any trees until Rebecca came. If you wait till Rebecca, you will harvest more lumber.
  • In order to get tools upgrade recipe, you need to befriend Iroha. Luckily, Iroha is easy to please and as a matter of fact Iroha is the fastest girl to fall for you since there were no other girls to flirth with aside her.. All you need to do is give her flowers .
  • Tina likes coins, any type and she also accepts flower. Yuri too likes flowers as much as Iroha does but i haven’t gotten far with her yet. By giving coins to Tina and flowers to Iroha I managed to get Iroha a green heart and Tina a purple heart.
  • Unless you won a competition your harvest will not get a price raise , someone on internet however manage to found a trick for this. Turn your harvest into a dish as shipping food would usually priced higher than harvest itself.
  • Some renovation requires ores that can only be get by mining. In order to unlock mine you must build a cottage and a clinic.

The Verdict

My most enjoyable HM series would be Back to Nature on psone. After that there were none good series till someone decided to make Rune Factory . HM: ANB is by far the best Harvest Moon since Back to Nature. They are keeping many parts similar to Back to Nature and making you as the town planner makes it even more fun.

I am honestly enjoying it despite how ridiculous Dunhill’s demand is. If it wasn’t for the poor bachelorette’s candidate I would’ve given this game a 10/10. Before this I tried HM: Tale of Two Town and hated it and I hesitated on buying ANB thinking that it might be the same crappy series but now I’m glad I bought it.


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