Hasegawa School Desk & Chair Review

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A quick review of Hasegawa School Desk & Chair accessory snap kit model for 1/12 move-able figure and for our case, paper craft.

A friend of mine bought this last year when he visit Japan, he gifted it to me and I assemble it few days ago. I know.. Such good friend I am, I appreciate his gift it’s just I am really lazy in assembling model kits.

hasegawa desk chair

The kit is $10 on Amazon right now, that’s pretty cheap but my place here they’re selling this for $20. Another thing worth mention is that for that price they gave you 3 sets of table and chair.

Assembling manual printed at the back.


It came with a floor background made from hard stock paper but no classroom background. Kind of odd to just give a floor right? As for the build, the runners gateway is sturdy unless your postman crushed the box with German suplex, it wont break.

There’s a downside to that, since it’s too sturdy you might break it if you don’t have the right cutter to cut the runner like what happened with my Kotobukiya Danboard.

I tried making Thunderbolt Gundam to sit on the chair but he can’t instead he looked like he’s holding himself from going to the men’s room. His skirt is holding him from seating on chair.


Next I tried the glasses girl Hiruda Reia from Shining Winds which I bought from Play-Asia about 10-12 years ago. She sits perfectly on this chair and desk set.



In my opinion it’s worth to buy if you have space to keep them. You could de-assemble them since it’s a snap-fit but one wrong turn it may break. If not then just build a paper craft school desk we got here.

Classroom and living room background paper craft you may download it from here and here.