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A free version of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle Papercraft. Now you can force your paper model of harry, Hermione and Ron goes to school. Also makes a good diorama background for medieval settings.


Hogwarts Castle, the bewitched beacon of learning, is the epicenter of enchantment in the wizarding world. With its ever-moving staircases, hidden passages, and talking portraits, it’s not just a school; it’s a living, breathing magical entity. As the training ground for young witches and wizards, Hogwarts is a place where adventures, spells, and friendships unfold amid its hallowed halls.

It’s a castle where secrets are whispered in the corridors, spells are cast in the classrooms, and lifelong memories are forged around the Great Hall feasts. Hogwarts Castle is where magic finds its home.

Here’s a trivia for you. Ever wonder about the word “medieval” ? For some reason it sounds like Medium Evil. Which is precisely correct in some way.

if we look back in history and movies of that age everyone is pretty much barbaric and evil lord is everywhere. Oh and dragons! don’t forget the dragons

p/s I think dragons are cute. The imaginary dragons that exist back in medieval. Not the one you can buy at the pet store.

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