How I learn Hiragana & Katakana in 1 day

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Believe it or not there’s actually an easy way to learn Hiragana and Katakana in just 1 day and this is how I learn it in a day using free application with just a smart phone.

Forget Moku or other apps who wanted money or flashes ads on their Apk. I got a free one that works better than all of those you heard on known learning Japanese websites.

Before we start let me intro you on how hard it is for me to remember Hiragana and Katakana. I had flash cards, I printed its charts, I tried to memorize them , I even bought a game called Hiragana Battle but my brain just won’t remember the darn alphabet.

Kids in Japan age 3-7 learns it in a day while me is trying to learn it for a year for the same thing.

When we’re born with just one language that uses just 1 group of syllables, to remember another syllable is a difficult thing. Especially when you gets older thus is why we teaches children ABC on early age.

Fortunately, there’s a free app that teaches Hiragana and Katakana using mnemonic pictures made by The Japan Foundation, Japanese-Language Institute, which operated in Kansai. The Apk is called Hiragana Memory Hint and Katakana Memory Hint and they are available on Android and iOS.

There are for free means no ads, no payment, nothing just plain teaching application.

I use it and I could remember what Ki, Ko, Yu, Ne , Re all 46 alphabet in just 1 hour. The best part about it is now I can read raw manga…. Yes it’s the truth I’m not lying.

1 - How I learn Hiragana & Katakana in 1 day

2 - How I learn Hiragana & Katakana in 1 day

You see the way the app teaches us is by assimilating the syllable with picture. For example the alphabet “Ki” looks like a “Key” or the alphabet “Mu” looks like a cow that likes to “mooo’.

After, to make you remember the stuff you saw is to do the Quiz. There are 4 types of Quiz that will churn and burn your brain those images again and again.

3 - How I learn Hiragana & Katakana in 1 day

4 - How I learn Hiragana & Katakana in 1 day

See how this going? Yes that’s how you start assimilating those syllable + picture into your brain as an alphabet. Make sure you explore everything in the menu as it contains hidden charts, dokuten and handakuten tips.

Sure I can read but I still don’t know the meaning behind all the words but it’s a start. First you recognize the alphabet, next you learn the meaning.

The APK teach Japanese in a English, Indonesia and Thailand.

Download for Google Play

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There are more learning apps needed to improve your Hiragana and Katakana, as well as Kanji but that’s for another article.