Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle – Game Review

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What better way to learn Japanese language other than playing JRPG? Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle is a RPG game which is now on sale on STEAM for $2 !

The way to learn this game is by fighting old school style turn base RPG battle by using your knowledge of Hiragana.

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The story goes like this, your once peaceful village was invaded by a Japanese man who uses unknown magic to wreak havoc and annihilate everyone in your country .

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No one could win against him because no one understand what he is saying. The only way to wins against him is to learn Hiragana and fights those Hiragana soldiers using your knowledge.

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You will learn in steps of every characters and fight each Hiragana soldiers by translating the meaning of those Soldiers in Romaji.

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My explanation might make it sound like boring but it’s not and it’s quite fun and engaging. You’ll actually learn faster when you play it like Final Fantasy game.

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This is actually the best way to cram Hiragana a.s.a.p. The game is made using RPG MAKER and with this price you should really get it.