Inori model by Kitty Pok

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I saw this papercraft since months ago at taobao and I really like it but I didn’t buy it due to the expensive delivery fee. But thanks to, I can downloaded the templates of this papercraft for free.

I take two weeks to make this papercraft. I used 80gsm of A4 paper and my own canon printer to print out the templates. When making this papercraft, there are some tips need to remember. For some circular parts, try to roll it using pencil or other things so that I can become more smooth.

For the face part, stick the white blank place one by one, wait it dry then stick another one, especially the nose part. And for some double-sided pages, it may not fix the opposite part. So for the dress( orange part), I print it separately on two paper then cut it and stick together.

inoki (2)

And for the shoulder part red colour clothes and those flowes, the opposite side is not really necessary because there was no effect after it was sticked onto other paper. Lastly, after I done this inori papercraft, I realised that it cannot stand( maybe my paper is not thick enough).

So I make my own lower part by using a thicker card (the grey colour). If you are making this papercraft also, try to use thicker paper( 120gsm~180gsm) for the shoes part. Thanks for sharing this awesome papercraft 😀 I had also downloaded other papercraft templates but no time to make them all XD


Thanks Kitty Pok from Kuching Malaysia! Do share with Mypapercraft your other models in the future!!

You may download Inori Yuzuriha Inori Yuzuriha Papercraft