Menma by Putri

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Another model by Putri this time it is Menma from Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. Phew.. it is one of the longest anime titled that was out for the spring of 2011 . I see a lot of food behind Menma, can you tell me what kind of food is it? 😛

Menma is a ghost who appeared in front of Jinta (a hikikomori) and requested him to reunite all of their friends back like how they were used to before her death.

Jinta, the hero is actually in love with Menma and Menma’s family, especially her mother even after years of her death did not move on and still in grief.

After Menma’s death her group of friends drift apart but in order for her to remember her dreams, she needs Jinta to reunite all of them again in their secret headquarter.

Thanks Ashifa Kurnia Putri for sharing your model with us. Putri previously is the first person to shared her finished Eren Yeager model and if you too would like to share with MYP, please take a picture of your model with a piece of paper written your nickname on it, to prove that it’s your model. Contact us at our FB page or just send it to our mail at admin [at] I have to warn you though, I rarely check my mails so it is better if you use FB to contact me.

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