Kousaka Kirino by Natalie

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Difficulty :

Kirino is one of my favourite anime female character. She’s an imouto (I wish I have a big brother,too) and a female otaku (like me ^^).

I also love to play visual novel games, so she’s similar to me (well I think so). Despite of her tsundere personality, I think she’s great because she’s doing pretty well both as a student and a model.

The words above came from Winda Natalie, the one who made Kirino’s model that we have here. Natalie previously shared with us Asuna’s chibi model that sit beside a Vitagen drink. Thanks for sharing again Nat, your models are finely made 😀

I’d like to remind our readers that the Eren’s Fight is still ongoing . Eren Fight is about the mission I gave our lovely reader who wants to unlock Eren shocked and angry face module which you can read all about it here .

As for Kirino model you may download her here

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