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It’s not Mikasa Ackerman but it’s Japanese Battleship Mikasa. This is the same ship Mikasa’s Kancolle reference to.

The battleship is named after Mount Mikasa in Nara Japan. It was built by the Imperial Japanese Navy back in the late 1890s.

According to wiki;

the ship served as the flagship of Admiral T?g? Heihachir? throughout the Russo-Japanese War of 1904?1905, including the Battle of Port Arthur on the second day of the war and the Battles of the Yellow Sea and Tsushima.

Days after the end of the Russo-Japanese War, Mikasa’s magazine accidentally exploded and sank the ship.

She was salvaged and her repairs took over two years to complete. Afterwards, the ship served as a coast-defence ship during World War I and supported Japanese forces during the Siberian Intervention in the Russian Civil War.

Now onto the paper craft, its scale is 1/350. The difficulty is 4/5 which means it’s quite hard to built however it comes with a picture assembling guide in Japanese. So that might make it easy or hard, whichever way you swing.

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